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Di-Automobile was awarded, Top-Dealer 2018Di-Automobile was awarded, Top-Dealer 2018

Porsche 991 SPorsche 991 S

Porsche 997 4S FaceliftPorsche 997 4S Facelift

Porsche 997 turboPorsche 997 turbo

Porsche 991 S PCCB Ceramik BrakesPorsche 991 S PCCB Ceramik Brakes

Porsche Panamera turbo SPorsche Panamera turbo S

Porsche Cayenne DieselPorsche Cayenne Diesel

Porsche 997 Carrera 4S Porsche 997 Carrera 4S

BMW z4BMW z4

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How do we work?


 Since 2002, our first priority is to have only the best cars in our inventory.

With utmost accuracy and expertise we select our vehicles for you.


Professional assessment before we buy a used vehicle is the key:


Before we buy, for example a Porsche, we examine it thoroughly for about 2 ½ hours.

With the Porsche-diagnostic system (PIWIS) we check the operating hours of the engine, this is to be sure of the mileage. We also control the various control units for malfunctions, 

PIWIS dataPIWIS data

We check the thickness of the paintwork on all parts, to be certain that nothing is repainted.

paintwork checkpaintwork check

We inspect the weld seams, screws, fittings to see if any body parts were exchanged.

Original parts, nothing exchangedOriginal parts, nothing exchanged

We examine all suspension parts, aggregates and assemblies for leaks and weaknesses.

Engine visual inspectionEngine visual inspection


Basically, we perform a large part of the 111-points check of Porsche and the general inspection of the TÜV ( the German Association for Technical Inspection ). We want to be certain that we have only perfect Porsches and other cars in our stock.


None of our cars ever "failed" the PORSCHE 111 points check or the TÜV in all these years.


We are one of the few car dealerships, who write in the contract:


„guaranteed accident free"

„mileage guaranteed"


Most car dealers give no binding assurance but write, "according to previous owner."

Finally, we include an INTEC-used car warranty.


Intec is 4-times award winner. 

Intec Garantie


 We want you to get only the best. A car that keeps its value.

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