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DI-Auto Net Export Service.

Buy any car in Germany net without VAT.



Who needs DI-Auto.de Net Export Service?


Car Dealers


who want:

- to buy a car for net price

- minimal and secure VAT deposit

- to Export car from Germany

- security in finacial transferes


in Germany

who want:

- sell a car to someone but cannot offer net purchase.

- to export their car without admin. problems

- a partner who can help them

Private person


who wants:

- to buy a car net in Germany

- reduced and secure VAT deposit

- to import a car from Germany

- security in financial transferes

If you are a car dealer, dealership or private person, who wants to buy a car net in Germany? Then this service is for you!


To Buy a car for export in Germany can be nerve-wracking. Administrative challenges, manufacturer’s restrictions and it can be expensive and risky for the seller and you.

That is why you might not get the car you want.

What can happen?

  • The car dealer does not want to sell the car to you for export.

  • The car dealer offers an export price that is much higher than the normal offered price.

  • The car seller would like to sell the car to you, but is not allowed by the car manufacturer, (e.g. model too new, the manufacturer does not allow that the car is sold to someone outside of Germany)

  • The car dealership is an Authorized dealer for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce…. in Germany and will not sell a new car to a dealer or private person for export.

  • The car dealerships will sell the car to you, for a much higher export price and require you to pay the car in full for its gross price (net + 19% VAT, called a VAT deposit). If you can prove the car is registered in your country, you might get the VAT back,..... or not. Best case, it takes some weeks or month. Time, your could use your money for other things. Also let's not forget, 2x exchange rate loss, outside of the EU region.

  • You do not trust the seller. He seems shady too you. His rating is poor.


Many things can go wrong and you do not get the car you want. So what could you do?


 DI-AUTO.de Net Car Export, your partner in Germany.

Our service offers protection and guarantees maximum security when conducting an online net car purchase.




What is DI-Auto.de

Net Export Service?


It is a secure way, to buy a car in Germany net

without VAT and export it worldwide.

Our service:

  • To get you the car you want.
  • To prevent you from fraud.
  • To save your time and money.
  • To make the online car buying experience a good one for you.

And much more.

How to buy a car net and secure in Germany for import to my country?

  1. Choose a car from any supplier in Germany, who offers net price + VAT. Talk to the dealer. Tell him your German partner wants to buy the car. Negotiate the price and when you agree with him, Contact us.

  2. We will check the offer again. If we find out, that the car is already sold, not available or for some reason we cannot recommend to buy it (due to unclear ownership, or we suspect the car had an accident) then you don´t have to pay anything. 

  3. If we find nothing suspicious and you want to continue with the purchase of this car, you can book us to check it physically direct at the dealer. (see price list)
  • We have almost 20 years of experience in buying, selling and exporting rare, exclusive sports and luxury cars, which we thoroughly check before we buy them. (see our export site)

  • Our check takes a minimum of 2 hours, afterwards we can give you a recommendation if you could buy this car or better not. On request we send you some more pictures in real time.
  1. If the check was passed and you agree, we will send you a purchase contract.

  2. You pay 15% of the net purchase price* as down payment.

  3. We (DI Auto) will buy the car in our name and pay the seller in full including VAT.

  4. We can organize an insured transport (max 1mil. EUR), to bring your new car to your shipping company. (see price list) If ou have a prefered transporter, please contact him yourself.

  5. You pay the remaining balance of the net purchase price, in most cases, +10% VAT deposit /VAT security, to us.

  6. As soon as you can certify, your car has arrived in your country and we get a copy of the car's registration, we immediately send you the VAT deposit /VAT security back.



 << See our Net Export page with all the infos >>

Price List of services

Protected transaction


  • Car price < 50.000€ net

1500 min charge

  • > 50.000


  • Down payment


  • VAT Deposit / VAT security, in most cases


   We offer a variety of services please inquire 



 << See full Price List and conditions on our DI-Auto Export Page >>


Please inquire if any of these or other services are needed.


or check our stock, we may have what you need.>>

Book DI-Auto Net Export Service now and get any car you want.

Contact us

+49 177 3077 000 / Mobile and WhatsApp

+49 8041 7997120

or write mail on our Net-Export Site >> click here << we transfere you to our site.

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